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Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) is a scheme framed by Government of India on 23rd December 1993. Initially, the MPLADS was under the control of the Ministry of Rural Development. In 1994, the scheme was transferred to the Ministry of Statistic and Program Implementation. The Guidelines are revised from time to time based on the experienced gained. 


The scheme is to enable MPs to recommend works of developmental nature with emphasis on the creation of durable community assets based on the locally felt needs to be taken up in their Constituencies.  

In 1993, when the scheme was launched, Rs. 5 lakh amount per Member of Parliament was allocated which became rupees one crore per annum per MP constituency from 1994. In 1998, which stepped up to Rs. 2 crores and now it is Rs. 5 crores from the year 2011. 


1. The MPLADS fund is Plan Scheme fully funded by Government of India. 

2. Lok Sabha Members can recommend works within their constituencies and Elected Members of Rajya Sabha can recommend works within the State of Election. Nominated members of both the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha can recommend works anywhere in the country. 

3. MPs are to recommend every year, works costing at least 15 per cent of the MPLADS entitlement for the year areas inhabited by Scheduled Caste population and 7.5 per cent for areas inhabited by Scheduled Tribe population. 

4. MPLADS works can also be implemented in the areas prone to be affected by the calamities like floods, cyclone, Tsunami, earthquake, hailstorm, landslide, fire, etc. 

5. If an elected MP finds the need to contribute MPLADS funds to a place outside that State/UT, or outside the constituency within the State, or both, the MP can recommend eligible works up to a maximum of Rs. 25 lakhs in a financial year. 

The District Authority and Implementing Agencies shall maintain accounts of MPLADS funds, MP-wise. These accounts will be audited by the Charter Accountants or the Local Fund Auditors or any Statutory Auditors as per the State/UT Government Procedure. 

Source :- Official website of Government of India.

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  1. The awareness of MPLADS among the people will help enable the individuals to learn about the various funding schemes. And I think, it would thus help people to understand the governance process in a more transparent manner.

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