The Government passed Labour Code Bills

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The Rajya Sabha also passed the three Labour codes namely,

-> Industrial Relation Code, 2020

-> Code on Occupational Safety, Health & Working Conditions Code, 2020

-> Social Security Code, 2020

Shri Gangawar described the Bills during discussion on the bill as historic game changer which will harmonize the needs of workers, industries and other related parties. He highlighted that safe work environment for worker especially women, social security provided to the organized and unorganized sector workers. Though this code bill, fulfilment of Prime Minister’s vision of Universal Social Security.

The Minister emphasised that the objective of labour reform is to have their labour laws in line with the changing world of workplace and provide an effective and transparent system, balancing the needs of workers and industries.

Important Key Facts of Bills
1. Industrial Relation Code, 2020

-> Quickly resolving disputes of the workers :- Allocation of two members instead of one members in Industrial Tribunal. If the dispute is not resolved at conciliation stage then matter place before the Tribunal.

-> Workers will get Fixed Term Employment instead of contract labour after recognition of Fixed Term Employment.

-> Helpline facilities for redressal of problem migrant workers.

-> Developing a national database of migrant workers.

-> One day leave for every 20 days worked

-> Women have to be permitted to work in every sector at night, but it has to be ensured that provision for their security is made by the employer and consent of women is taken before they work at night.

-> At the workplace, if worker will injure or death due to an accident then atleast 50% share of the penalty would be given.

-> Provision of “Social Security Fund” for 40 Crore unorganized workers which help Universal Social Security Coverage

2. Code on Occupational Safety, Health & Working Conditions Code, 2020

-> Free health check-up for workers once in a year

-> Worker has legal right for getting Appointment Letter for the first time

-> Cine Workers have been designated as Audio Visual Worker, so more workers get covered under this code. Previously, this was being given to artist working in films only.

3. Social Security Code, 2020

-> EPFO’s coverage would be applicable on all establishment having 20 workers.

-> New forms of employment created with the changing technology like “platform worker or gig worker” into the ambit of social security has been done in the Social Security code.

The concerning about increasing threshold from 100 to 300 workers, which shows amount of flexibility to the employers in terms of hiring and firing. IR code proposes that no person employed in an industrial establishment shall go on strike without a 60-day notice.

Source:- Indian Express, PIB

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