Denmark to construct the world’s first energy island

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News: Denmark made official a plan to build the world’s first energy island. This energy island will be constructed in the North Sea.


1. Produce and store enough green energy to cover the electricity requirement of 3 million European households.

2. The artificial island will be the size of 18 football fields.

3. This energy island will be linked to hundreds of offshore turbines which will supply both powers to households.

4. It will also provide green hydrogen for shipping, aviation, industry and heavy transport.

5. The purpose of building an energy island as the European Union plans to transform its electricity system to rely mostly on renewable energy within a decade and increase its offshore wind energy capacity 25-fold by 2050.

What is Energy Island:

An energy island is planted that way as the hub for electricity generation from surrounding offshore wind farms.

As per Danish Energy Agency, as part of the Climate Agreement for Energy and Industry, Denmark wants to become the first country in the world to begin working on such energy island with a total capacity of about 5 GW offshore winds. The construction of the island is awaited to be completed by 2030.    

Source: Indian Express

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